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Chalkboard with Different Languages

Class Details

Teaching Approach

  • Student-centred and communicative, where learning is a positive experience in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

  • Students are encouraged to speak as much as possible to increase fluency.

  • Professionalism, patience and a good sense of humour guaranteed!


  • All lesson materials are provided free of charge.

  • I teach using a mixture of coursebook material (provided before class), whiteboard presentations, listening activities, video clips and general speaking practice.

You will need to have a laptop, set of headphones with mic., good internet connection and Zoom account.​

Class Times

  • All classes start between 12:00 (midday) and 21:00 (9pm) GMT (UK time), from Monday through to Friday. 

  • A standard lesson is 60 minutes, though this can customised.


        All classes are one-to-one:

        1 x 60-minute lesson = £25

        10 x 60-minute lessons = £210

        20 x 60-minute lessons = £380

        Proof-Reading = £12/1000 words.

Introductory Class

II* There is a 25-minute Introductory Class (£3). This will provide an opportunity to get to know one another, build a rapport and allow me       to accurately assess your level of English. Following this, if all is satisfactory, you will hopefully be happy to sign up for a course of on-         going lessons.

School Holidays

  • Easter: April 4 - April 17 (inclusive)

  • Summer: July 18 - August 14 (inclusive)

  • Christmas: December 20 - January 2 (inclusive)

Terms and Conditions

  • Please note that the full cost of class(es) must be paid before any lessons can begin.

  • Please give 24 hours notice (via e-mail) to re-schedule a class, free of charge. 

  • If you are absent or cancel a class with less than 24 hours notice, then you will lose that lesson and payment. I hope you understand  that I will need time to fill your lesson slot if you are unable to attend. However, I am prepared to be flexible on this - eg technical  issues.

  • Please be on time for your lessons. I will wait a maximum of 20 minutes for you to come to class. After this, you will lose that class -  sorry. (Again, I am prepared to be flexible.)

  •  Inappropriate student behaviour during class is unacceptable. Persistent problematic behaviour will result in class cancellation   with no refund.


General English

  • Improve Fluency and Accuracy.

  • Develop Vocabulary, Grammar and Pronunciation.     

  • Practise Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.

  • Oxford University Coursebook and Workbook.

Scientific/Medical English

  • Comprehensive Assistance with Presentations, Reports, Assignments etc. Requiring an Appropriate Academic Style.

Interview Coaching

  • Techniques,Tips and Practical Advice to Increase Chances of Success.

  • Lots of Situational Roleplay to Emulate Interview Format.

  • Learn How to Present and Market Yourself Throughout the Interview Process.

  • How to Tackle Tough Interview Questions. 

  • Key Questions to Ask During Interviews.

Business English

  • Improve Fluency and Accuracy in Business and Social Settings.

  • Develop Vocabulary and Grammar.

  • Practise Listening and Speaking via Roleplay.

  • Learn Effective Communication Techniques eg by E-mail,Telephone and Conferencing.

English for Tourism

  • Specific Vocabulary Around Holidays, Sightseeing, Accommodation and Methods of Travel.

  • Build Confidence in Dealing with Foreign Visitors and Organisations.

  • Develop Cultural Awareness.

Proof Reading

  • A Service to Correct the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammatical Errors in Written Work. (£12/1000 Words)

Exam Preparation 

  • Aimed at Students Studying for Trinity, YLE Starters, Movers, Flyers plus K.E.T, P.E.T, F.C.E and C.A.E Examinations.

  • Comprehensive Course Covering Each and Every Exam Requirement.

  • Extensive Practice in All Areas of Exam.

Conversational English

  • Topic-Based Speaking and Listening Practice.

  • Learn How To Express Opinions and Maintain Conversation.

  • Learn Idiomatic and Slang English.

  • Improve Fluency and Pronunciation.

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